• Sherwin Park Industrial Condos in Winnipeg, Manitoba


Sherwin Park Industrial Condos
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Property Highlights
  • Industrial complex located adjacent to the James A Richardson International Airport
  • Located within CentrePort Canada, North America’s largest tri-modal inland port
  • Centrally located with close proximity to major transportation routes
  • Ideal space for manufacturing, wholesale and distribution users
  • Units starting at (+/-) 2,200 sq ft.
  • Flexible bay sizes


There are various reasons why owning your space is beneficial as opposed to leasing. The information below describes the benefits of becoming an owner of your industrial space.

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    Growing Equity

    By investing in real estate, you will be able to create equity.

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    Stable Payments

    Rental hikes will not be a concern and mortgage rates are currently fairly stable.

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    You Help Decide Management Fees

    Decided by the condo board which you can elect to be a part of and participate in annual meetings.

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    Upgrades Add Value

    Improvements completed will increase the value of your investment, thus increasing the equity value.

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    Long Term Benefits

    Property becomes an investment under your control, giving you an option to sell with or without your business or rent to a user for additional income.

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    No Value Generated

    While renting, you cannot create equity through property, so no long term economic benefits are attained.

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    Rental Hikes

    Rental hikes are beyond your control and left to the Landlord and market to decide.

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    Management Fees Decided For You

    Controlled by the Landlord/Management company, beyond your control.

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    Improving Space Adds Cost

    Improvements become part of the space resulting in possible rent increase.

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    No Value Carried Forward

    No economic benefits will be carried forward once the lease ends and you no longer occupy the unit.

CentrePort Canada

North America’s largest tri-modal inland port

CentrePort Canada, North America’s largest tri-modal inland port, offering 20,000 acres of high-quality, affordable industrial land and unique access to tri-modal transportation, including three Class I railways (Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, and BNSF Railway), a 24/7 global air cargo airport and an international trucking hub.

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